What can I do if I opened the main compartment of the set but I don't want to keep it?

Updated by Kerry

We're sorry to hear that your Luxies are not a good fit for your hair. As noted on our return policy, once both the gold security seals have been broken and the extensions have been removed from their netting, we are unable to accommodate a return or exchange. The reason for this is that human hair extensions are considered a hygienic product by law.

Please feel free to reach out to us at info@luxyhair.com so that we can make some recommendations on how to make your Luxies work for you. If you do not believe you can make your set work with your hair, you're always welcome to re-sell your set to a family member or friend, or even online on websites like eBay or our Facebook page. There are a few countries that we do not ship to, and people are often looking to purchase second-hand Luxies.

Please note that if you initiate a return or exchange and your set is not received in returnable condition per our return policy, your original method of payment may be charged for the cost of the set.

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