How do I make sure my set will be thick enough?

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When selecting Luxies, you will want to choose a set that matches or slightly exceeds the density of your own hair. If you select a set that is not heavy/thick enough, you may find that your hair extensions look "stringy" once applied. The method to determining your hair density is simple; take a handful of hair from the front of your head and gently pull it to the side. Is a lot of your scalp visible between the bunches of strands? If so, this means your hair's density is thin, but if you can barely see your scalp at all, your hair’s density is thick. Anything in between is medium/average density. For more information, click here.

You can use the chart below as a guideline to help you choose the correct weight for your hair type. Your choice may vary depending on how you plan to wear your set and what styles you are hoping to achieve.

Kindly note that the below chart is only a guideline. The compatibility of the set will also depend on the length of your hair and how it is cut. This chart addresses weight/density only.

Your hair when braided looks like:
Hair Type:
Weights compatible with your hair are:





If you're looking for a full, dramatic look, especially for an event, a Volume Bundle is often the way to go!

If you're stuck between two weights, we recommend selecting the heavier set. You can always leave a weft or two off if you prefer less weight or don't need the density.

Still feeling unsure which set may be the perfect match for your hair? Book a complimentary Color Consultation with one of our color match experts to receive a personal recommendation via video call.

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