What is the difference between the Scalp Fill-ins set and the Thinning Hair Fill-ins set?

Updated by Kerry

Our Scalp Fill-Ins are a targeted solution for the beginning stages of hair loss at the scalp when the hair is beginning to look sparse, particularly near the part line. The Scalp Fill-ins resemble hair growing directly from the scalp for added density.

Our Thinning Hair Fill-ins are ideal for thinning hair at the sides and back of your head by adding subtle fullness to a thinning area. They are generally clipped in below temple height and provide coverage from the application point downward. They are not well-suited for offering coverage at the top of the head.

Our Scalp Fill-ins may be paired with our Thinning Hair Fill-ins for coverage from the top of the head, and throughout your hair (e.g. 12" Scalp Fill-ins + 12" Thinning Hair Fill-ins).

Please see our Thinning Hair Solutions Page for additional information.

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