How do I choose the right set of Scalp Fill-Ins?

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The process for choosing the right set of Scalp Fill-Ins is a little bit different than choosing a standard set of extensions! The following steps will help you to pick the right match for your hair.

Scalp Fill-Ins Specs & Options

Each set of Scalp Fill-Ins contains (4) 2-clip wefts, measuring 2.5 inches wide. The weight of the set will depend on the length. The options are:

  • 12" 30g Scalp Fill-Ins
  • 16" 40g Scalp Fill-Ins

Every set of Scalp Fill-Ins comes with a tester weft to help determine if the shade and length is a good match.


Scalp Fill-Ins are meant to add density to the part line or crown, at the roots of the hair. Therefore, it is important to pick a shade that matches from roughly your roots to your ears, rather than the ends to your ears like you do for standard extensions. For information about our shade range and how to match, please click here. Once you receive your set, please hold the tester weft up to the roots of your hair in natural lighting to see if your set will be a match. If it isn’t an ideal match, we are more than happy to accommodate a return or exchange within 60 days.

How to apply the Scalp Fill-ins? Please see instructions here.

Luxy Hair Scalp Fill-Ins currently come in 2 lengths: 12" and 16". When choosing a length, please take a tape measure and measure ½" from where you intend to place the weft to the ends of your hair. If your hair is parted on the side, please measure the side where the part is closest to the ear. It is better to choose a length that is too short than too long, since the ends of our Scalp Fill-Ins are intentionally tapered so that they can seamlessly blend into the hair when sandwiched between two layers.

If you are unsure which length to choose, we recommend opting for the shorter length and checking the tester when your package arrives. You can also reach out to our customer service team at for assistance if you have questions.


As previously mentioned, the weight of your set will be determined by the length you choose. Since the ends of these sets are intentionally made to be fine and blendable, you should find that the extensions easily blend when placed between two layers of hair.

Please note that Scalp Fill-Ins are meant to add fullness at the scalp/root only, and are not designed to add length or volume to the mids or ends of the hair.

If you are ever unsure about which set is right for your hair, please feel free to reach out to us at Our team is happy to help!

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