How do I adjust my wire to fit my head?

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Our new adjustable wire is 66cm (~26") long and features customizable length with a locking stopper. One spare wire is also included with your set.

How to Adjust Your Wire Length

  1. Find the side of your wire that is adjustable. This side will have the adjustable stopper; the other side will not.
  1. Unlock the wire by holding the excess wire end (the end with the knot) and gently pulling the stopper away from the hook.
  1. Hold onto the stopper and pull the slack from the main wire through the stopper and into the loop.
  1. Take the excess wire end and pull to reduce the slack in the loop until you reach the desired wire length.
  1. To lock the size, pull the stopper back again until it is flush against the hook.
  1. Test the wire size by applying your set and making sure it sits correctly. Excess wire can be tucked away by sliding it through the loop where the hook attaches to the set.
If you want to make your wire size permanent, you can use tweezers or pliers to pinch the stopper more tightly around the wire.

If the wire slack is excessively long, you can feel free to trim the excess as long as you leave about 2 inches of slack (just in case!). Tie a new double knot to keep the slack from sliding out of the stopper.

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