How do I apply the Luxy Hair Topper?

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Application Instructions

You can find a step-by-step application video below:

Be sure to adjust the band on your Topper to fit you and apply Stay All Day Tape (if desired) to the silicone at the front of the Topper before beginning the application process.

Step-by-Step Breakdown

  1. Brush

Gently brush your Topper to remove any tangles and get it ready for application.

  1. Prepare your hair for application

Style your hair as desired, ensuring you are happy with the location of your part. Then gently smooth your hair into a low ponytail or bun and secure it with a hair elastic.

  1. Apply the Topper to your head

Ensure the clips are closed before application. Place the Topper around your neck with the band at the back and behind your ears. Pull the Topper gently away from your face and up towards your head, and then flip it gently over to rest on top of your head.

The Topper can be placed at, in front of, or behind the hairline, depending on the area to be covered and how you want to style the Topper. The Topper can also be shifted to one side to align with the part line.
  1. Clip the Topper in place.

Align the Topper with your part line and ensure it is positioned to cover the area you want. Pop the front clips open one at a time and apply them in a small "scooping" motion so the clip grabs gently onto your hair. Pop the clip closed. Repeat on the other side.

  1. Secure the Topper in place.

Gently tug the Topper from the back to sit in place, ensuring there are no ripples in the Topper and it lies flat to your head. Pop the back clips open one at a time and apply them using the same process as the front clips.

  1. Adjust the Topper as needed

Make any small adjustments to the placement, band size, and application. Take your hair out of its low ponytail and use your hands to pull it out to fall naturally out from under the Topper.

  1. Optional: Apply Tape

Flip the front edge of your Topper up and remove the paper backing to expose the tape. Press the tape securely down to your skin and hold for a few seconds to ensure adhesion.

Tape should only be used on skin, and should not be applied to your hair. We recommend doing a patch test with the Stay All Day Tape before use.
  1. Style your Topper

Gently brush the Topper together with your hair and style to your preference!

Blending Tips

  • Before first application, dampen the Topper and blow dry it upside-down on a low temperature to add some natural volume and shape
  • Decide in advance where you want to place your Topper:
    • Side parted hair may mean you shift your Topper slightly to one side to align the parts
    • If you would like your hairline to extend forward from where it is, place it in front of your hairline
    • If your hairline has only short, fine, and/or sparse hair, you may prefer to place the Topper at the hairline
    • If you do not need additional fullness at the hairline, you may prefer to apply the Topper behind your hairline so it adds more fullness towards the crown instead.
  • To help conceal the edge of your Topper, you can pull fringe pieces of your hair forward from under the Topper and style them back to blend into the Topper's fringe
  • For a totally customized blend and some professional help, take your Topper to a trusted hair stylist or topper specialist
  • If you need to shift the part line on the Topper, wet the hair down, create a new part line with a rattail comb, and then use a blow dryer and straightener on a low setting to style the new part into place
  • Tape placements are customizable! Adjust your tape size and placement based on where you need the security to your scalp

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