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What is the Luxy Hair Topper?

Our Topper is designed to add coverage to the top of the head during the beginning stages of hair loss. It has flexible placement, and is secured using 4 clips, optional Stay All Day topper tape, and our enclosed adjustable wire.

What is the size and density of the Topper?

The Luxy Hair Topper weighs 65 grams and measures 5 inches by 6 inches, in a rounded/oval shape. It has enough hair to add coverage and some modest volume. The tapered ends are intentionally designed to easily blend into thinner and layered styles. The density is 90% (low density) which provides coverage and a subtle amount of volume.

How do I know if the Topper is compatible with my hair?

We recommend measuring the area to be covered to ensure that the Topper will apply securely. The area to be covered should be smaller than the topper by at least about a half inch, so roughly 4.5 inches by 5.5 inches at a maximum, with enough hair surrounding the area for the Topper to clip to.

How do I color match the Topper?

The Topper will cover the first few inches of your hair (your roots). Therefore, when choosing a Topper you should select a shade that matches your hair from about your temple and down.

How do I apply the Topper?

For detailed application instructions, please click here.

Can the Topper be combined with other sets?

Yes! To combine your Topper with other Luxy extensions, simply apply the extensions first as usual. For placement, ensure the wefts are not sitting in the spots where the Topper clips will sit. Once the wefts are applied as desired, the Topper can be applied last.

Do I have to use the included tape or wire?

We include our adjustable band in every Topper box, and the Stay All Day Tape can be optionally bundled with your Topper. Our adjustable band adds extra security and a slightly flatter fit to the head, and the tape can be used to secure the front of the Topper down when placed in front of the hairline. That said, the use of either of these is optional and will depend on your preferences and hair type.

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