Shipping terms and what they mean

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Below are some common shipping terms you may see on your tracking link.

Address Invalid - The carrier cannot recognize the address provided.

Arrival at Pick-Up Point - The package has been rerouted to a post office for pickup.

Clearance Event - The package is being processed or held at customs.

Delivered - The package was delivered to the address provided.

Delivery Attempt - A delivery attempt was made to the address provided.

Label Created - The shipping label has been created and is awaiting its first scan from the carrier.

In Transit - The package is in transit.

Package Returned to Sender - The package has been returned back to us.

Pre-payment - If this option is available to you, it allows you to prepay all duties and taxes on your order. It is a 100% guaranteed total amount for your order (including all applicable delivery charges, duties and taxes).

Processing with International Carrier - The package is being processed at customs.

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