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We encourage you to sign up for our Luxy Rewards program as it is an easy way to build up loyalty points to redeem for discounts off of future purchases. Once an account is created, you can refer friends, sign up to our newsletter, like us on social media and much more which will all reward points to your account! For more information, please click here.

We've made it easy for you to earn enough points right off the bat so you can redeem $5 off your first purchase with Luxy Hair

Once you create an account, complete the following activities and you'll have 500 points available which you can then redeem for a $5 voucher.

Create an account - 100 points

Sign up to our mailing list - 200 points

Follow us on Instagram - 50 points

Like us on Facebook - 50 points

Follow us on Twitter - 50 points

Visit Luxy Hair's website - 50 points

= 500 points / $5 discount! 

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