What is a Volumizer Weft?

Updated by Aleksandra

Our Volumizer Weft is a one-piece 4-clip weft that is 7 inches in width. It comes in two length options: 16 or 20 inches. The 20" length weighs 45 grams, whereas, the 16" length weighs 40 grams. They are the same density, however, the 16" Volumizer Weft weighs less due to the shorter length.

Our Volumizer Wefts are meant to be worn in conjunction with a full set for extra volume. We do not recommend using a Volumizer Weft as a replacement to a full set of Luxy Hair extensions. The weft is not designed to give you a full, long, luscious look on its own, as a full set would. The Volumizer Weft should be used for supplemental thickness.

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