How do I choose the right brush for my hair?

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Brushing your hair throughout the day is an important part of keeping both your Luxies and your natural hair healthy. To minimize breakage, eliminate knots, and preserve your style, you should always ensure you are selecting the correct brush for your hair type, the set you are wearing, and your style. Check out the chart below for more information.

Brush Style

Brush Functions

Hair Types and Styles

Loop Brush

Gentle detangling, especially for hair extensions. Minimizes snagging and pulling to prevent shedding. 

  • Hair extensions
  • All hair types but especially fragile hair 
  • Curl patterns 3B or looser

Wide Tooth Comb

Detangling without disrupting styles or curl patterns, especially with wet hair. 

  • Wet hair, especially curly
  • Curly hair extensions, sparingly
  • Distributing product

Wet Brush

Brushing out wet hair while preventing damage and thicker hair types.

  • Wet hair
  • All hair types
  • Curl patterns 2C or looser
  • Dry, fine hair
  • Natural hair or extensions

Rattail Comb

Sectioning, parting, and fine detail work. Great for styling and smoothing. 

  • Creating updos and other styles
  • Smoothing hair back into pulled back styles
  • Teasing, parting, sectioning

Unsure which one is best for your hair? Our team is here to help, 24/7. You can reach out to us anytime at

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