How do I choose the right color of Highlights extensions?

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What is the Highlights collection?

Say goodbye to thick streaky highlights! We're excited to introduce a new color technique to our Seamless collection in 3 exclusive shades. The Highlights collection features thin highlights starting from the root straight through to the ends. This collection is designed to blend into hair that has already been highlighted, eliminating the need to get your hair extensions custom-dyed.

What weight does the Highlights Collection come in?

Luxy Hair Highlights extensions are available exclusively in our 20 inch 180g Seamless collection.

How do I match my hair to the right shade?

In order for your Luxy Hair 180g Seamless Highlights extensions to blend, we recommend ensuring that your hair matches the base color of the extensions. 

Dark Brown Highlights

  • Dark Brown base blended with Chestnut Brown highlights
  • Ideal if you have warm dark brown hair with golden brown highlights

Dark Brown Highlights vs Dark Brown & Chestnut Brown

Here's our Dark Brown Highlights shade in action...

Chestnut Brown Highlights

  • Chestnut Brown base blended with Dirty Blonde highlights
  • Ideal if you have golden brown hair with golden blonde highlights

Chestnut Brown Highlights vs Chestnut Brown & Dirty Blonde

Chestnut Brown Balayage vs Chestnut Brown Highlights

Here's our Chestnut Brown Highlights shade in action...

Dirty Blonde Highlights

  • Dirty Blonde base blended with Ash Blonde highlights
  • Ideal if you have medium golden blonde hair with light golden or neutral blonde highlights

Dirty Blonde Highlights vs Dirty Blonde & Ash Blonde

Dirty Blonde Highlights vs Blonde Balayage

Want a second opinion on choosing your Luxy Highlights shade?

We're here to help! Please email our Support team at with a recent selfie taken in natural lighting with no direct sunlight, where we can see your hair from top to bottom, and with no filters added - similar to the photo below.

For customer transformations, please check out our @luxyhairlove Instagram account. 

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