Which hair types can wear the 12” 150g Seamless set?

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Which hair types can wear the 12” 150g Seamless set?

Our 12” 150g Seamless collection is intended for those with shorter hair to add some volume, without adding a lot of length. It is best suited for thin/medium thickness hair types. For very short or bluntly-cut hair, a heavier clip-in set may be a better fit.

Since this collection comes in the length of 12-inches, your natural hair will need to be the same length or shorter to wear the 12” 150g Seamless set. In order to determine how long the 12” 150g Seamless set will be on you, we recommend measuring 12-inches down from your temple area. The wefts should be the same length or longer than your natural hair. Generally, when clipped in, the 12” 150g set will be 2”- 4” past shoulder length.

With the 10 individual wefts included, you may position the wefts around your head to add volume where you need it most. 

Ideal if you:
  • Have hair that is shorter than 12 inches and is thin
  • Have hair that is approximately 12 inches in length already and is thin to medium

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