Which hair types can wear the Thinning Hair Fill-Ins?

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The Thinning Hair Fill-Ins are meant for those looking to fill in the sparse/thinning areas around the front and sides of your hairline (often associated with postpartum hair loss or thinning hair). They are best suited for those with thin/medium hair types.

Since they come in a standard length of 12-inches, your natural hair will need to be the same length or shorter to wear the Fourth Trimester Hair Fill-Ins. If this length is longer than your hair, you will need to trim the entire 6 piece set shorter to match your hair length and achieve a natural blend. If you have curtain bangs or layers that frame your face, you can have a hairstylist trim the wefts to match your haircut. We recommend having them already clipped into your hair during the haircut. We also recommend coming up with a numbering system for the wefts, so that you know exactly where each weft is supposed to go for future uses.

If you don’t have any hair loss that you are looking to fill in, or if you have a lot of hair strands or even thick hair you can also use them to add a small boost of volume around your face. This can also be a great option if you find that you don’t see yourself wearing a full 10 piece Clip-In set and want to add only a subtle amount of volume to thicken the hair around your face.

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