Will my Volume Bundle be Classic or Seamless?

Updated 2 years ago by Julia

Majority of Bundles will come with a full Luxy Hair set and Volumizer weft from the same collection (Classic or Seamless). This means that if you order a 20" Classic Bundle, you will receive a Classic full Luxy Hair set + a Classic Volumizer weft. Similarly, if you order a 20" Seamless Bundle, you will receive a Seamless full Luxy hair set + a Seamless Volumizer weft

The only exceptions are the following shades in the 20" Seamless Bundles:

  • Ash Blonde
  • Dirty Blonde
  • Chestnut Brown
  • Chocolate Brown
  • Mocha Brown
  • Off Black
  • Ombre Chestnut
  • Ombre Blonde

This simply means that you will instead receive a: Seamless full Luxy Hair set + a Classic Volumizer weft. 

Both our Seamless and Classic collections can be mixed together just fine. They will not feel any different in your hair, and it will not be noticeable. 

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