What are the Peekaboo Halo® Extensions?

Updated by Aleksandra

Our new Limited Edition Peekaboo Halo® Extensions are now offered in seven (7) vibrant colors. A one-and-done way to add a pop of color to your hair without the commitment! These festive colors are as follows: 

This collection comes in a standard length of 16-inches and a density of 70 grams. The Halo® hair extension weft is 60 grams and the two bonus 1-clip wefts are 5 grams each. Halo® hair extensions sit on top of your head using a nylon wire that is custom fit to your head size. Each set comes with 7 different wires to choose from for a perfect fit. As well, there are four clips placed on the back of the Halo® hair extension weft for added security.

Each set comes with a tester weft in the top of the box to check the shade in person.

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