Are the Peekaboo Halo® Extensions the same density as the regular Halo® Extensions? What are the differences between both?

Updated by Aleksandra

Our regular extensions 16” Halo​​® extensions are 140 grams. The main Halo® extension weft is 100 grams and both bonus 2-clip wefts (to help blend the hair that frames your hair) are 20 grams. The Peekaboo Halo® extensions on the other hand are 60 grams (40% thinner). It also comes with two 1-clip wefts that are both 5 grams. 

The main difference between the two collections is that the Peekaboo Halo® extensions are meant to be worn to only add a pop color to your hair whereas the regular 16” Halo extensions are much thicker & are a one-and-done solution to adding both volume and length to your hair. You can also experiment with adding natural-looking color to your hair by using our Balayage shades.

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