How do I choose the right color of red extensions?

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Strawberry Blonde

  • The lightest red shade we offer
  • A medium blonde with gold undertones
  • Bright copper undertones come through in the sunlight
  • Most similar to our Dirty Blonde shade, but with strawberry red hues
  • Great if Dirty Blonde was not golden or red enough

Here's our Strawberry shade in action...

Natural Red

  • Our newest natural red shade!
  • It has warm copper and red undertones
  • The red undertones really come through in direct sunlight
  • Blends well with most natural red hair colors
  • Great if Strawberry Blonde was too light for you

Here's our Natural Red shade in action...

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Auburn Red

  • The darkest red shade we offer
  • A medium red-brown shade 
  • A mixture of sienna and copper undertones
  • Firebrick undertones come through in the sunlight

Here's our Auburn Red shade in action...

Want a second opinion on choosing your Luxy red shade?

We're here to help! Please email our Support team at with a recent selfie taken in natural lighting with no direct sunlight, where we can see your hair from top to bottom, and with no filters added - similar to the photo below.

For customer transformations, please check out our @luxyhairlove Instagram account. 

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