Where does the hair come from?

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All of our hair is sourced and manufactured in China. We source our hair straight from verified distributors, who depend on their long-standing reputation for ethical sourcing and quality hair. 

We only choose to work with companies where workers are satisfied and happy to be apart of the team. Luxy facilities employ working age staff (mostly middle age women and men) who get a proper salary, normal working hours, weekends off, and holiday leave.

Also, all of our hair is donated, sold, or exchanged fairly. For example, some of our hair is obtained from temples, where hair is a form of donation and a source of revenue for the monastery/ temple for its own expenses and projects. Therefore, it's a from of meritorious deed for the donor, same as donating money or food. We also obtain our hair from many hair salons, who choose to sell their hair instead of throwing it away into the waste stream.

To get a closer look at our factory, please click here. 

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