What is the benefit of the Luxy Hair Ponytail Extension?

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  1. Transform second (or third) day hair from the comfort of your couch

We get it...we haven’t washed our hair in days either. Easily transform greasy or oily hair into ponytail perfection with Luxy Hair clip-in ponytail extensions. Now, you can hit up virtual wine night with the girls after your home workout or say yes to an impromptu FaceTime with your crush. 

  1. Creates longer, fuller, bouncier ponytails every time

If, on the other hand, you find that your ponytails don’t have that Elle Woods level vigor and bounce due to thinning, shorter length, dryness or brittleness, ponytail extensions are the solution to longer thicker ponytails instantly. 

  1. Opens up a world of hairstyle possibilities

Ever tried to create a braided ponytail only for your layers to poke out? How about throwing your hair into a bun only to be left with a lifeless look? With clip-in ponytail extensions, braided ponytails, high ponytails, low ponytails, voluminous buns are all made possible.

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