How do I apply the Fourth Trimester Hair Fill-Ins?

Updated by Aleksandra

  1. Brush your hair thoroughly to get rid of tangles. Then, brush out your Seamless wefts gently using our Loop Hair Extensions Brush, or Wide Tooth Cloud Comb.
  2. Gently separate a section of hair on each side of your head at the level of your eyebrows and clip the hair out of your way using alligator clips (from our Application Kit).
  3. Secure a 2-clip weft at each temple about one-inch away from the front of your hairline. Tip: Apply the wefts in a diagonal line to make them less obvious around your face. This gives your hair a natural high to low effect that will fall naturally which will frame your face. Or, clip each weft half an inch away from your roots to help them from showing through.
  4. After, with your hair down, check where you may have visible thinning or require extra volume. Using the four 1-clip wefts, secure each weft (as needed) wherever you want to add extra volume.
  5. Lastly, ensure your real hair is covering all six wefts. Brush through your hair to blend and smooth everything out.

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