What are the benefits to storing my hair extensions in a Luxy Hair Extensions Carrier?

Updated by Aleksandra

Storing your hair extensions in our Luxy Hair Extensions Carrier has many benefits.

  • It helps to prevent any tangles or kinks that may develop in the hair if it’s been wrapped up and stored a certain way. Since your hair extensions will be hanging in their natural form — it helps maintain its shape longer, which is great if you’ve styled the extensions and want to maintain the look for as long as possible.
  • If you’ve washed your hair extensions, you may hang them to dry using the Hanger provided.
  • Styling the extensions is much more efficient when they are secured on a hanger. You can then curl, straighten, and braid them with ease.
  • It’s now incredibly easy to travel with your hair extensions stored in our Carrier. Simply fold the hanger, roll up the carrier, button it up, and tuck it into your luggage — it’s quick and hassle-free!

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