How do I mount the Deluxe Styler? Are there certain surfaces to avoid?

Updated by Aleksandra

The Deluxe Styler can suction onto flat surfaces such as mirror, metal, window, shower tiles and tables. Just about anything! 

To mount the Deluxe Styler, follow the steps below:

  1. Ensure the surface you are mounting to and the suction cups are smooth and clean.
  2. Hold the back of the Deluxe Styler and press firmly up against the wall to squeeze the air between the surface and the suction cups. 
  3. Let go gently to ensure the cups have suctioned to the wall securely. If you run into any issues with the cups suctioning, you can spritz a bit of water to the area. 

To remove the Deluxe Styler from the surface, simply peel the edges of the suction cups with your nails until they pop off.

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