Matching Luxies to Your Undertones

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Why do I need to know my undertone?

Just like your skin, the color of your hair has an undertone that may range from cool to warm. Unlike your skin, however, your hair’s undertone may change if you dye it to have certain colors or tones. When selecting a shade of Luxies, you will want to determine your undertone and then select a shade whose undertone reflects your own.

How do I determine my hair's undertone?

To determine your undertone, you’ll first want to take a look at your hair in neutral lighting, away from direct sunlight, glare, or artificial light.

Hair that is warm-toned will have yellow, red, or orange tones to the hair. This includes rich chocolatey shades, golden blondes, and reddish chestnuts.

Cool-toned hair will conversely have blue, purple, or green shades to them. This includes icy platinums, beige-toned blondes, blue-blacks, and ashy tones of all shades.

Skin tones also play a role in your hair's undertone; your skin tone will often align with your hair’s undertone (but not always!). If your hair or skin is neutral in tone, your shade may depend on any highlights or dye, as well as your preference. Keep in mind that Luxies have a multi-tonal adapt coloring system. This means there are subtle highlights and lowlights; lighter strands and darker strands throughout each set to maximize adaptability and give your shade dimension. This means that the set doesn't need to be an exact match - as long as you get the right level (lightness or darkness) and undertone.

Warm Undertones
Cool Undertones

Once you’ve determined your undertone, you’ll know which color family to choose from! If you’re ever unsure, reach out to the Luxy team anytime at, and we’ll happily help you choose a shade to match your hair. You can also use our virtual color match tool to help guide you to the best shade for your hair.

Warm Luxy Shades

Cool Luxy Shades

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