Are your Balayage colors available in sample swatches?

Updated 11 months ago by Kerry

Yes! We're happy to offer a maximum of two color sample swatches to our customers within the U.S. and Canada for a flat rate of $10 (shipping only). You can click here to place your order.

If you place an order for a sample swatch, you will receive a small lock of hair that is dyed perfectly to reflect the colors we offer in our full sets. Kindly note, the technique on the Balayage swatch is not the same highlighted technique as on the full set and is for color matching purposes only.

Please be sure to check out: How do I choose the right color of Balayage extensions? Kindly note, these swatches should be used for color comparison purposes only and are not offered in Classic or Seamless as the base of the weft is not included. To interested customers who live internationally, kindly note that all full sets of Luxies come with a tester weft. If it's not an ideal match, we offer 60-day returns and exchanges if the color doesn't match. We support you! 

We're happy to help you select your ideal Luxy match. Please send over some photos of your hair taken in natural lighting where we can see it fully to

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