How do I care for the Tinseltown Hair Clip-Ins?

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How do I care for the Tinseltown Hair Clip-Ins? 

Everyone wants to be cared for, especially your new Tinseltown Hair Clip-Ins! Here are some care instructions:

  • The Tinseltown Clip-Ins come in the length of 24 inches, and we recommend you trim them to your own desired length. For this, clip the wefts into your hair to determine your desired length and carefully cut the strands of tinsel to suit your preferred look. When cutting the tinsel, we suggest cutting on a angle rather than a straight blunt cut, as this may look more natural.
  • Your Tinseltown Hair Clip-Ins are best stored flat, as the tinsel material may tangle. Safely secure your Clip-Ins by clipping them to the card they came with, storing them in the clear bag for future use. 
  • We do not suggest using heat or water on your Tinseltown Hair Clip-Ins as it may damage the strands of tinsel. 
  • The lifespan of your Tinseltown Hair Clip-Ins may vary depending on use and how they are cared for. 

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