What is the difference between the Straight and Curly Clip-In Ponytail Extension?

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Straight Clip-In Ponytail Extension

Length: Comes in either 16 or 20-inches

Style: Comes straight


  • Can be straightened, blow-dried & curled using hot tools
  • Can be washed with shampoo & conditioner
  • You can use hair styling products on it
  • Can be dyed darker & toned
  • We recommend using our Loop Hair Extensions Brush, paddle brush or a wide-tooth bomb to brush it
Curly Clip-In Ponytail Extension

Length: Comes in a standard length of 20-inches (due to how curly hair experiences shrinkage the finished length will be 18-inches)

Style: Comes in a 2C/3A curl pattern


  • We recommend using a wide-tooth bomb or your fingers to brush it (to limit frizz and preserve the curl pattern of your ponytail)
  • We don’t recommend dyeing/toning, washing, heat styling or using hair styling products/liquids as this will cause the curl pattern to loosen

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