Why does the Clip-In Curly Ponytail Extension come in select shades?

Updated by Aleksandra

Due to the nature of how the curl pattern is achieved, there were some inconsistencies in color. We’re committed to always bringing you high-quality products so we felt the best decision was to launch the Luxy Hair Clip-In Curly Ponytail Extension in the following 20 colors. Thank you for your understanding!


  • Jet Black
  • Off Black


  • Mocha Brown
  • Cool Dark Brown
  • Dark Brown
  • Neutral Brown
  • Chocolate Brown
  • Sandy Brown
  • Ash Brown
  • Chestnut Brown


  • Bronde
  • Natural Blonde


  • Natural Red


  • Off-Black Balayage
  • Mocha Brown Balayage
  • Mocha Bronde Balayage
  • Dark Ash Brown Balayage
  • Chocolate Brown Balayage
  • Ash Brown Balayage


  • Dark Brown Highlights

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