Will the Luxy Hair Clip-In Bun show or be obvious to others?

Updated by Aleksandra

Compared to other clip-in buns on the market, the Luxy Clip-In Bun is made of 100% remy human hair which is the best way to achieve a natural look. Our Clip-In Bun looks and feels real (because it is!) so it will blend naturally with your hair. Synthetic hair (which is made out of various blended fibers that contain no human hair) is generally stiff, coarse to the touch, shiny and moves differently from human hair which won’t blend as well with your natural hair.

We went through multiple variations in the size of our Clip-In Buns (the length of each of the hairs and how wide the bun is overall) before we landed on our finished product to ensure the bun isn’t too large or overly bulky. We can say with full confidence that we designed the most natural-looking bun on the market!

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