What are the benefits of Clip-In Bangs versus getting real bangs?

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Here are some common downfalls of getting real bangs cut into your hair:

  • Your bangs grow out faster than you expect, which means you’re seeing your hairstylist more than you’d like to. You used to be a low maintenance girl but now you’ll need to trim your bangs every two to three weeks, to keep them at their optimal length.Your bangs can oftentimes be cut shorter than you’d like. Where is the ‘undo’ button?!
  • They take time and effort to style every day. You are now forced to spend an extra ten minutes every day making them look effortless. If your bangs require constant heat-styling, this can also lead to heat damage.
  • Getting tired of having bangs and the awkward ‘in-between grow out stage’ that follows with it. Although it's amazing to witness how fast they grow (judging by the amount of trims you need to maintain them), ironically, growing out your bangs can seem like the slowest process on Earth. 
  • Sweaty bangs that stick to your forehead at the gym. You’ll need to carry at least one headband and 2 bobby pins to maintain this hot mess. 

With Luxy Hair Clip-In Bangs, you get to make all the decisions - not your bangs! Clip-In Bangs are a low maintenance alternative. Unlike real bangs, you’ll only need to have them cut once - no upkeep required. They will hold the same style from when you last wore them and take only seconds to apply so you can look bangin’ in no time.

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